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Cleaning and maintenance of the hydraulic jacks
Hydraulic jacks general cleaning method is a new discipline involving chemical, physical, electrical, environmental, mechanical and detection technology. Generally use gravity washing, cleaning and no-load operation of the working fluid circulation cleaning method (coarse wash hand sperm washing).
① gravity cleaning method. Assembly completed in the best position of the hydraulic system is a point somewhere perfusion cleaning fluid filled in the lowest position of the system, a point quickly emissions, and so the cycle several times.
② working fluid circulation cleaning method. Refers cleaning oil car cleaning, respectively, communicating with the port of the system oil to be cleaned, and a cleaning time should be continued until the oil filter before and after the pressure does not increase. This cleaning oil car for sale, can also be made.
③ no-load operation of the cleaning method. Refers to clean the hydraulic system itself, this approach needs some piping to remove the hydraulic system for the blind tube should be separate cleaning. Outside the loop should be disconnected for cleaning sensitive components (such as servo valve), the cleaning time is generally less than 8h.
Hydraulic jacks cleaning precautions
① selection suitable viscosity of cleaning oil, and heated cleaning oil, can improve the cleaning effect.
② oil filter install appropriate filtering accuracy, with the first cleaning strainers, second cleaning with a fine filter.
③ cleaning edge with a mallet percussion side, but not too much force to prevent pipe deformation and rupture.
④ To the extent possible, cleaning oil to exclude clean cleaning oil, compressed air can be used to purge or join the working oil away.


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