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Floor Jack
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  Tem No:TT600N    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   12.5KG
  Packing Size:59.5×23×15.5CM Min Height(mm):   80
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  Tem No:TT600R    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   10.5KG
  Packing Size:56×23×16CM Min Height(mm):   80
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  Tem No:TT600Y    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   11KG
  Packing Size:56×23×15.5CM Min Height(mm):   80
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  Tem No:TT609Q    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   11KG
  Packing Size:56×20×16.5CM Min Height(mm):   133
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  Tem No:TT616    
  Capacity(ton):2.25 N.W:   11KG
  Packing Size:59×1×19CM Min Height(mm):   133
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  Tem No:TT618    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   11KG
  Packing Size:55.5×20×19.5CM Min Height(mm):   133
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  Tem No:TT619    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   10.5KG
  Packing Size:55.5×20×16.5CM Min Height(mm):   133
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  Tem No:TT619B    
  Capacity(ton):2 N.W:   11.5KG
  Packing Size:55.5×20×16.5CM Min Height(mm):   133
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  Tem No:TT620    
  Capacity(ton):2.5 N.W:   11KG
  Packing Size:55.5×20×16.5CM Min Height(mm):   140
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  Tem No:TT639Q    
  Capacity(ton):3 N.W:   16.5KG
  Packing Size:63.5×23×1CM Min Height(mm):   192
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